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Welcome to Erin Perry Music.

Thanks to all of the fans who joined me and the guys from The Hippie Hippie Shake Tribute Band and The Fletcher Perry Party for all of our 2016 shows. Too many to mention, but Hard Rock Café's 45th anniversary party, Tebis' summer fest (with AC Humphrey) and Munich's Tollwood Festival were particular highlights of the year.

I also greatly enjoyed coaching all of my fabulous singers - seeing them grow and improve is a great joy for me... whether it's winning a contest, getting into a prestigious music school or just singing for fun - they all made me proud.

I also enjoyed getting in the recording studio with the great Ralph Siegel, coaching some of his artists and singing on tracks for him, plus loads of voice over work for various clients (Bavaria Film Studios, Business Spotlight, SAP, Bosche, etc) Yes, 2016 was a very good year ... and 2017 should be even better!

Check out the calendar section for upcoming shows and if you are interested in private vocal coaching or in studio coaching, email me at

Happy Spring!

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May 2-13
Erin in Kiev for Eurovision
Jul 16
Hippie Hippie Shake at Tollwood

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