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Welcome to Erin Perry Music.

The year started off very well with my joining "Astral Combo" for their 25th anniversary tour. What fun we had in Sigmaringen, Marktdorf, Villingen. Thank you boys and all of your fans!

And now ... hello summer!

We're thrilled to announce that The Hippie Hippie Shake Tribute Band will be playing the opening night of Munich's Summer Tollwood Festival, Friday, June 16 in the Andechser Tent.

Kosmic Blues - Tribute to Janis Joplin (featuring Erin Perry) will be doing a rare unplugged trio performance at Munich's Little O Festival, Sunday July 2, with Erich Kogler (bass & vocals) and Wolfgang Hierl (guitar & vocals).

The summer also brings weddings / hochzeiten and more, so Erin Perry & Friends will be busy, but as these are private events, we hope to see you at Tollwood or the Little American Oktoberfest Festival.

I've also been busy with teaching (in person and on line classes) and song writing (I recently wrote the lyrics for "Silver and Gold" for Jane Knieper's new CD "Happy at Home" (available from Amazon etc).

As for tracks with me singing, three tracks from the "Follow the Beat" project, by Martina Prutscher, featuring Erin Perry, is available on Spotify, Amazon and more. Some older tracks also continue to be available on Spotify and other digital outlets, such as "I need music" and "We learned to smile" (Erin Perry & Christian Hornbostel), "Anthology Part 2" by Christian Schwarzbach, featuring Erin Perry on two tracks (including "Ashes to Ashes", written by Erin & Christian), "Siggi Schwarz & The Rock Legends* - Woodstock Vol. II" featuring Erin Perry singing the songs of Janis Joplin and more.

I also continue to do voice over work from my home studio and at studios around Munich for clients such as Spotlight Verlag, Bavarian Film Studios, Fischer Knoblauch & Co, various e-learning outlets and more.

Follow me on Instagram for fun flashbacks, backstage fun, my travels and more - #erinperrysings

Happy summer!
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Coaching with Erin is available in person and on line.
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